Why YOKdata

YOKdata is private and secure cloud data storage based on Your Own Key and blockchain technology combined with military grade encryption.

Our mission is to protect your data and empower your privacy!



Your documents, pictures etc. will be encrypted with military grade encryption technology in combination with your own personal key(s).
Once stored, your files will only be accessible by you and you alone, since you are the only one with the proper encryption key.


Decentralized storage

Your files will be divided into blocks and these parts, with the use of blockchain technology, will be stored on our own storage servers in various datacenters in Europe.






Storage space 512MB - 1GB* 5GB 50GB 100GB
Personal encryption key V V V V
Personal control panel V V V V
Mail documents - V V V
Transfer documents - V V V
5 users (or more) - - - V
File sharing between users - - - V
Price per month FREE FREE € 9.00 € 50.00
* 512MB free, additional 256MB when you follow us on Twitter, additonal 256MB when you follow us on Facebook
* After first registration for a Free subscription all Expert functions will be enabled for a period of 14 days to give you a chance to try things out.



first class datacenters in the EU

Our (storage) servers are housed in modern datacenters connected by high speed DC Spine internet fiber with multiple backups. Primary datacenters are located in The Netherlands, secondary are in other EU-countries.