Our Enterprise Solution

1TB Storage

You will have 1TB of our secure, encrypted file storage availlable which can be extended on request!


Standard Enterprise solution has 5 users which can be extended to as many as you need.

Share, Mail and Transfer

Your users will be able to share files amongst each other and email or transfer files to any external contact.

For companies who want their (shared) data to be safe!

We developed the Enterprise functionality specially for companies who want secure, encrypted storage for multiple users with the ability to share files between company users.

With the Enterprise subscription the company by default has 1TB of safe cloud storage and the possibility for up to 5 users. When needed more storage and/or users can be added.



A default Enterprise subscription costs € 40.00 per month.
(with 1TB storage and up to 5 users)

Additional users cost € 5.00 per user/per month.

When you need more storage or want a customized quote, please fill in the form at the right of this page.

Management of your Enterprise environment

Management of your own Enterprise environment on YOKdata is completely in your hands.
You appoint one or more administrators and, from your own Enterprise dashboard, these administrators will be able to add, change and delete users and assign the users rights to specific folders and folder structures.

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