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European Commission proposes new rules on data governance

Posted on Dec 1, 2020
European Commission proposes new rules on data governance

The European Commission has published proposals for new rules on data governance in a bid to enable easier data-sharing between sectors and member states.

Under the plan, published yesterday, “neutral and transparent” data intermediaries would be used to organise data sharing and pooling of data to increase trust. This would represent an alternative model to the data handling practice of major tech platforms, the commission said.

To ensure this neutrality, the data-sharing intermediary cannot deal in the data on its own account and would have to comply with strict requirements, the commission said. Both stand-alone organisations providing data sharing services only and companies that offer data sharing services next to other services would be allowed but the data-sharing activity would have to be strictly separated from other data services.

Under the proposed regulation, data intermediaries would be required to notify the competent public authority of their intention to provide such services. Public authorities would monitor compliance with the requirements and the Commission will keep a register of data intermediaries.

More dedicated proposals on data spaces are expected to follow in 2021, complemented by a Data Act to foster data sharing among businesses, and between business and governments.

Full article on https://gdpr.report/news/2020/11/26/the-european-commission-proposes-new-rules-on-data-governance/

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