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Nearly half of all businesses have experienced a data breach in the last year

Posted on Nov 23, 2020
Nearly half of all businesses have experienced a data breach in the last year

Lax cybersecurity remains a concern for many firms. As many as 45% of firms worldwide have had a data breach of some sort in the preceding 12 months, according to new information released by Atlas VPN.

A survey of more than 4,000 businesses worldwide, which varied in size from 50 employees up to nearly 5,000, showed that a surprisingly large proportion declared they’d lost information to hackers or by another means. The survey was conducted by Kaspersky, a major antivirus provider and troubleshooter for malware, whose research arm attempts to raise awareness of the issue of malware.

Companies surveyed included those across five different sectors: financial services, government, manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, and the retail and wholesale industry. What each of those sectors reported was that significant cyber threats happen all the time.

Data breaches exposing millions of personal records are becoming the new normal,” says Rachel Welch, chief operating officer of Atlas VPN, which analysed the data collected by Kaspersky and B2B International. The data showed that IT and telecoms companies were most likely to have been susceptible to a loss of data. In all, 53% of IT companies said a data breach had occurred on their watch in the previous 12 months.

But they were far from alone. Retail and wholesale companies – who handle large amounts of customer data, and are in charge of key supply lines of goods and services that keep the world running – also said they had fallen foul of data leakage of some sort or another.

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