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Australian Horse Racing Company investigated for $4 Billion OneCoin Ponzi

Posted on Aug 30, 2020
Australian Horse Racing Company investigated for $4 Billion OneCoin Ponzi

The cryptocurrency industry, like every other industry, has had to deal with the incidents of scams and other fraudulent activities. One of the most prominent of these was OneCoin, a cryptocurrency scam that stole billions of dollars from unsuspecting victims and introduced the world to Ruja Ignatova, the Bulgarian founder popularly known as the crypto queen. Ignatova has been on the run for years, even as other co-founders, including her brother Konstantin Ignatov, have been arrested. 

In the latest twist in the saga, Australian authorities have uncovered a possible link between the scam and horse racing. 

New reports state that Racing NSW, a horse racing authority in Australia, is currently investigating  Phoenix Thoroughbreds, a thoroughbred raising company. Furthermore, Racing Victoria, another horse racing authority in the country, is speaking with international bodies regarding the issue.

While the company is primarily concerned with horse racing, it has been linked to the OneCoin scandal. Specifically, their owner Amer Abdulaziz Salman has been accused of illegal activities with OneCoin.

These allegations come from witness testimony in the ongoing case which claims that Salman stole up to $161 million during his involvement. 

Phoenix Thoroughbreds, however, has so far denied these allegations. A company representative says that it has not committed any crimes and is cooperating with the police. Their Owner, the representative says, has always acted according to the law and denies the allegations. 

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